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Worried! Sales
on Amazon is dropping day-by-day.

Insure a consistent rising sale performance on Amazon by improving different process metrics through Make My Jungle an automated Amazon Buy Box Monitoring Software

We Can Help You Succeed.

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Track Your Feed Conveniently

Being proactive and monitor your entire FBA inventory from a single place

Analyze Accurate Pricing

Improve Seller account metrics, Buy Box Percentage by analyzing accurate pricing.

Instant Buy Box Alerts

Get notified immediately whenever any hijacker captures your BuyBox spot.

Merchandise Related Alerts

Discover changes to Amazon products, titles, images or something else.

Make My Jungle is what your Amazon Business Needs

Handle your Amazon business with best Amazon Product Monitoring Software i.e., Make my Jungle. Get full visibility over Amazon products, protect your listings, price alerts and much more. Being a powerful Amazon monitoring tool, Make My Jungle provides you full visibility over who sells your products, at what prices. Now, you will get instant notification whenever there exist any change on your Amazon store. Whether you are a newbie or an Amazon amateur, discover the benefits and dangers of doing business on Amazon. Instead of performing time-consuming checkups on your listings, receive immediate Amazon email alerts and take instant action on the right time.


Hijacker Alerts

Stop worrying about BuyBox spot and get an instant notification if someone takes your product photos or descriptions.

Product Suppression Alerts

Get alerts about everything that affects your Amazon business either there exist incomplete listings or something else.

Amazon Text Alerts

Use this smart tool for streamlining your Amazon business and keep an eye on all activities of your Amazon business.

Amazon Product Rating Changes Alerts

Make My Jungle will send you instant emails whenever anyone post new review, comments or star ratings get changed.


Track Your Feed Conveniently

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Analyze Accurate Pricing

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Instant Buy Box Alerts

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Merchandise related Alerts

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Amazon Product Tracking

Whether there exist any change in the product title, image or description, now you will get an instant notification. Make my Jungle constantly monitor your store so you need not worry about anything. The software gives you peace of mind and the ability to control your store.

track amazon product listing
track amazon reviews alterts

Amazon Reviews Alerts

With the help of Make my Jungle, you can keep track of the latest reviews, comments and star rating changes. Now you need not glue yourself to the monitor as Make My Jungle keep track of every activity that is going on your online store.

Amazon Sales and Marketing Alerts

Make My Jungle provide you instant Buy box alerts. The software monitors your products and listings so that you can take immediate action whenever any hijacker take your BuyBox spot. Besides this, if Amazon suppresses your listings, you will be notified instantly.

track amazon sales and marketing
track amazon hijacker

Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts

Amazon listing hijacking is the main problem that is usually faced by Amazon sellers as it directly impacts your bottom line. Make My Jungle will automatically send you notifications/alerts when someone takes over your authentic listing with a fake item.

Not Just Alerts- Experience something different!

Get ready to streamline your business with Make My Jungle which perfectly controls BuyBox, sellers, and inventory.

Get ready to transform your Amazon Business!

See who sells your products, identify when any article run out of stock, find out when Amazon is losing the BuyBox and many more. Make My Jungle is fully tailored to your business needs on Amazon.

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How Make My Jungle works?

The omnipotent software is specially designed to help the Amazon Sellers as it handles all Amazon related issues smoothly. The software will provide instant text and email notifications to the Amazon sellers. Make My Jungle help you in tracking Amazon product price, Title, Description, inventory and give you all info if there exist any threats from hijackers.