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Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts

Start using Make My Jungle and get instant updates of BuyBox Hijackers, product suppressions, bad reviews, price changes and many more!

Detect whenever any seller appeared on listing and get alerts whenever you see a list of products hijackers are selling on.

Receive alerts whenever you lose the BuyBox to your competitors and take instant action before it gets too late.

Get timely emails/alerts whenever any malicious activity is detected on your listings & take opportune action before it affects sales volume.

Identify those products whose sales stopped and find out the exact cause behind such things with Make My Jungle.

Defend your brand from Amazon Hijackers 24/7

Make My Jungle constantly monitor your product listings and provide instant alerts of any potential listing hijacking Amazon activity . Now you can easily protect your Amazon Seller reputation from scammers and counterfeiters. Save time and improve your FBA business by automatic review monitoring tool i.e., Make My Jungle that will notify you daily about new, changed and deleted reviews for your products. Save dozens of hours per week by allowing Make My Jungle to streamline your Amazon Business!

Amazon Listing Hijacker Alerts

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Protect Amazon Listing from One Dashboard

Make My Jungle help you in protecting the trust you’ve built for your band by constantly monitoring your listing for hijackers and cheap knockoffs. Get notified the very instant a hijacker attacks your listings and take contiguous action on the accurate period of time. If you are looking for an omnipotent solution that can handle your Amazon business 24/7 then Make My Jungle is exactly what you need! Well, you can’t manually monitor your business for round the clock but Make My Jungle alert you within hours of brand-new changes which are made to your product listings by any of your challengers.

Monitor Amazon
Product Title Changes

Are you worried about hijackers if they steal your sales? Let Make My Jungle alert you to product title/image or category changes. Whether you are a big brand or private labeler, you can conveniently monitor your business with Make My Jungle. When you constantly monitor your listings for hijackers, you can build the trust of your brand among the audience. You can protect your brand to remove hijacker amazon fraudsters and get instant notifications whenever any hijacker attack your product listings.

Why Amazon Sellers
need hijacker alerts?

a) Make My Jungle monitors your products and listings 24/7
b) Hijackers may gain control of your listing
c) Customers may end up purchasing a counterfeit product
d) You may lose a significant number of sales
e) Hijackers may grab your BuyBox spot
f) Make My Jungle will notify you instantly of hijackers
g) Recover your position through appropriate actions
h) You can’t glue to computer’s screen 24/7 to monitor your account

24/7 Monitoring allows
you to immediately respond to Threat

Whenever any hijacker takes your listing, Make My Jungle automatically sends out the letter for you and notifies you as well. Although Amazon regularly takes steps to deal with hijackers, but these people are also getting smarter over time. That’s why you must know how to deal with negative reviews, what to do if someone change product description/titles etc. It is essential to keep your listings in constant monitoring otherwise hijackers may degrade your brand reputation. If you didn’t take the right action on the perfect time then it can an easily give you bad publicity which might be hard to recover.

Secure your brand from
Hijacking Amazon Listing

Make My Jungle have the ability to monitor your entire FBA inventory from one place. Now you can conveniently keep watch over the Buy Box on your product listings. You will receive automatic email alerts whenever any competitor Hijacking Amazon Listing. Buy Box losses need to addressed quickly to escape from needless loss of sales. Don’t let anything affect your Amazon business. Receive instant email alerts in real-time once Amazon FBA hijackers activity is detected on any of your Amazon listings.

24*7 Real-Time Alerts

Amazon sellers need to be proactive and respond to hijackers in real-time otherwise they may experience its negative consequences on the sales. If you are looking for a service that can monitor your Amazon listings and provide hijacker alerts to your email or text message then Make My Jungle is exactly what you need. Get alerted on the exact cause of a lost BuyBox with Make My Jungle and keep yourself updated about everything.

Remove Amazon Hijackers with Make My Jungle

Make My Jungle is an extraordinary tool that is able to catch hijackers before they capture your sales. Now you can track and Remove Amazon Hijackers from listing events instantly. Get notified about product image removal, product titles updates and many more. From now, you need not wait for days/week before discovering that you are losing the BuyBox. Just focus on what exactly matters for your Amazon business and never let any intruder affect your online business.


Q1. What is an Amazon hijacker?
In simpler words Amazon Hijacking is termed from a counterfeit or similar version of a private label product. It is a frustrating experience for a seller who takes so much time and effort to develop a brand and has to compete with another seller for a Buy Box who is selling inferior exact replica of his brand. A hijacker can steal your product picks, the information that you provide about your products and can use them to sell his inferior quality China made product.

Q2. How to report a hijacker on Amazon?

In order to report a Hijacker on Amazon a seller experiencing Hijacking issues can easily report to Amazon about complain on the following link:


A typical infringement reporting form looks like as:
allegation form
Q3. How to remove hijackers from your Amazon listing?

There are many ways to get rid from a Hijakcer from an Amazon listing. The most common methods to remove them from your listing include:-

a)  your Price in Order to Attain BuyBox

One of the simplest ways to beat competition with a Hijacker for Buy Box is to reduce the listing pricing that would help a seller to attain once again Buy Box position.

b) Differentiating Factor like Adding Logo

Use the product logo clearly visible in photographs that are used on Amazon listing so that a counterfeit seller can’t copy it. A seller further can sell his product in bundle making it impossible for a Hijacker to arrange two counterfeit products to sell just similar like the original seller. 

c) Reporting to Amazon
Another way to get a listing corrected is through the medium of reporting the hijacking to the Amazon. A counterfeit and hijacking complaint can be made to Amazon on following link.


d) Seller Starting its own WebStore

A seller along with selling his products on Amazon can further launch his own web store where he will have a full control over his product. He would able to sell his product in his own store without being afraid of any hijacker stealing his listing.

e) Registering your Brand with Amazon 

Another unique way to protect the listing from hijackers is to register a brand with Amazon.  After having brand listed on Amazon a seller would have greater influence and control over his listing. Amazon after the brand registration keeps on protecting it from the suspected infringement and inaccurate content.

f) Using Amazon Hijacker Alert Services

The best way to protect your Amazon listing is from Hijacker is to use Amazon Buy Box monitoring tool offered by many online vendors. An Amazon Buy Box monitoring tool protects one’s listing from hijacking wherever there is an attempt has been made by a counterfeit seller to steal product images and details. As losing a Buy Box to a bogus seller not only reduces your sale but also dent the image of your brand as well.

Therefore, a seller should make all the best efforts to protect his Amazon listing from a hijacker.

Client's Word

I was searching for a solution that can provide me instant hijacker alerts and surprisingly Make My Jungle is exactly what I was looking for. Make My Jungle monitor my listings 24/7 and now I receive instant notifications whenever any hijacker start selling on my listings.


Erin Smith